Accident Investigation – Precursor to CSI?

December 1972

Jungle Action #2

How many times have you been sitting around reading comic books and thinking, “You know, I really wish I had a better career”? Well, comics can help with that! Here’s your introduction to the exciting and lucrative world of accident investigation!


Yes, even a lowly factory worker can do this, so that means you can too!

The thing that I wonder about, though, is when Jim mentions that it’s part of “the biggest business in the world” – since when has insurance been that big of a business?

That’s Less Than Three Cents Per Soldier!

April 1980

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #7

Ah, little plastic soldiers – a staple in the category of cheap, cheesy toys! Here you can get two full armies of Roman soldiers for less than three dollars! Quite a bargain!


However, much like the Sea-Monkeys, I wonder how many kids were thrilled by this exciting battle scene, only to be disappointed upon receiving their tiny, monochromatic soldiers.


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