Star Wars in Star Comics – Drawn by a Comics Star!

May 1986

Masters of the Universe #1

I know the Droids cartoon was around when I was a kid, but I don’t remember ever watching it, which is weird, because I devoured anything and everything Star Wars back then. Maybe it was on a channel we didn’t get or something…?


So this ad is for the comic adaptation of the TV show. I was surprised to see “ROMITA” signed along the artwork – could it be…? Upon checking, yes! This was actually done by legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr.! From what I can find, he did the covers and penciling for issues #1–3, and also did some work on issues #4 and #5!


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2 thoughts on “Star Wars in Star Comics – Drawn by a Comics Star!

  1. “The series was produced by Nelvana on behalf of Lucasfilm and broadcast on ABC. The cartoon series lasted one season and was made up of thirteen regular episodes in 1985. There was also a two-part television special entitled The Great Heep in 1986. Following the original run of the complete series, the entire show was rebroadcast as part of The Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour the same year, along with its series counterpart, Star Wars: Ewoks.” From Wikipedia

    I was too old for this when it came out and it didn’t hold may attention when I tried to watch it. The Ewoks show was like hirsute Smurfs in the trees… I couldn’t watch it and they didn’t stay on long at any rate.

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    • Hmm… well, if it was on ABC, we certainly got that channel, so I’m not sure how I could’ve missed it! I’d love to see it pop up on Netflix – even if the series wasn’t fantastic, I’d be curious just to watch at least a little of it.


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