Preserve Liberty for Only 10¢!


Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

So, I’m considering this kind of a bonus post, since I didn’t actually get this ad from a physical comic book. I recently went to the Marvel exhibit at MoPOP in Seattle, and they had some pretty great vintage Captain America ads on display, so here’s the first that I’d like to share with you.


Here you can join the “Sentinels of Liberty” (aka the Captain America fan club) for only 10¢! But not only are you showing your Cap fandom, you’re also helping to “preserve liberty in the U.S.A.”! That seems like quite a bargain!


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With a Deal Like That, How Could You Say No?

December 1972

Jungle Action #2

Ah, Columbia House, I remember spending way too much time looking at your ads, deciding which albums I would pick out from the ones listed… I never actually did join the record club, but as a kid obsessed with music, I always enjoyed looking at their ads.


I like to think of ads like this as a sort of time capsule – here you get to see all the latest and greatest hits of 1972, and that can really reflect what was going on at that time.

I always associated Columbia House ads more with magazines than comic books, but most of the ads in this issue of Jungle Action seemed to be aimed at a more mature crowd.

And on a side note, I never imagined that I would need a tag for Engelbert Humperdink on this blog, but I guess this ad just proved me wrong!