I’d Buy That For 10¢!


Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

OK, this is the last of my classic Captain America ads from the exhibit in Seattle last year (and that exhibit is currently in Philadelphia – go check it out if you’re nearby!). Here we’ve got Cap and Bucky promoting the Sentinels of Liberty, Cap’s fan club.


You could get your very own Sentinels of Liberty badge for only 10¢! I just looked it up on eBay, and the only original badge I could find sold for $260 – so I guess these were a pretty great investment!

Tang Team!

March 1988

Visionaries #3

Here’s your chance to join the Tang soccer team… by sending in Tang labels. Hmm… that doesn’t seem like a very effective method of finding the best players.


Then again, membership includes “Pelé’s best soccer tips,” so I guess maybe that helps the more mediocre players improve their game.

I don’t know about you, but “Tang brand breakfast beverage crystals” sounds way less appetizing than just “Tang” – I guess maybe that’s why you don’t normally hear the full, official name.