I LUV You, Monogram Models!

January 1978

The Secret Society of Super-Villains #12

Ah, the ’70s – back when you didn’t need fancy names for all your different models of cars.

Chevy Executive 1: “Hey, what should we call this new van we’re making?”

Chevy Executive 2: “What about… THE CHEVY VAN!?”

Chevy Executive 1: “That’s PERFECT!”


So after looking it up, I learned that LUV stands for “light utility vehicle,” which makes sense, but I still find it kind of funny that a pickup truck (normally marketed toward tough, rugged, manly men) would have “LUV” (something I normally associate with those terrible, chalky conversation heart candies) painted in big letters on the side.


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Personally, I Prefer the B-52s Over the B-17s

February 1976

Claw The Unconquered #5

You can build this cool model plane! And then you can win a trip to see cool planes in person! Pretty cool, huh?


So first prize is a trip to London to see an air show. But then the second prize winner gets the choice of: A) a trip to Disneyland and the Boeing plant in Seattle, or B) a trip to Disney World and an air museum in Dayton, OH.

Is it just me, or do these seem like really odd trip combinations? I mean, Anaheim and Seattle aren’t exactly neighbors, and neither are Orlando and Dayton. I get that Disney is the prize kids actually want, and the plane-related stuff is to tie in with the model planes, but couldn’t they have found some aviation-related attractions a little closer to Disney?

Build Your Own GoBots!

March 1985

G.I. Joe #33

I used to have GoBots as a kid (in fact, I still have those GoBots!) – they were cool because they were the same size as Hot Wheels, so you could play with them with all your other cars!


So when I first saw this ad, I initially thought it was for the standard GoBots toys, but apparently this is for models of the toys… kind of odd, but OK. It looks like they actually do transform, so I’m guessing the main difference is that you put these together yourself? Or maybe they’re more detailed than the regular toys? Not really sure on that.