A Whopper of a Plane!

August 1979

Shogun Warriors #7

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means: airplanes! No, wait – candy! This is the only candy-related ad I have in stock at the moment, so I guess it’ll have to do. Here we have a styrofoam sailplane soaring above three excited white-haired children (or are they elderly midgets?). You can get this dandy plane just by sending in a Whoppers wrapper… and $3.99. That’s worth about $14.00 in today’s money, so that wasn’t exactly a steal, but I guess if you wanted to get a plane like this anyway, maybe this deal made it a little cheaper(?).


I was a little surprised to see that Whoppers were made by Leaf rather than Hershey back in 1979… but then when I looked it up on Wikipedia, I was even more surprised to see that Whoppers have only been made by Hershey since 1996! Wow, I guess I don’t pay nearly enough attention to candy! I’ll have to fix that from now on…


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It’s a Sure Thing!

February 1976

Claw The Unconquered #5

Personally, I don’t know a whole lot about flying remote control planes, but judging by this, I’m going to assume that they’re generally rather challenging. Well, no more! Because Cox now makes planes with Automatic Pilot!


With Sure Flyers™ you’ve got the choice of Auto Pilot or Hand Control, so it’s easy for beginners! Sounds like a winner to me!