CBA IRL – GoBots

My childhood GoBots are currently packed away (but hopefully not for long, because I recently acquired ample shelf space on which to display more stuff!), but I have this one proudly on display in my office, so wanted to share with you:



Believe it or not, I found this GoBot – still in its original package – at Goodwill in the ’90s… for 25¢! This is still one of my all-time favorite thrift store finds!

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Were the Dancing Ones Called Go-GoBots?

May 1986

Masters Of The Universe #1

Back when I was a kid, I remember thinking of GoBots as cheap imitations of Transformers. I still watched/liked the show, but didn’t think it was as cool for some reason. I also remember asking for Transformers for Christmas/birthdays, and getting GoBots instead. I only ever had four of them: Leader-1, Road Ranger, Rest-Q, and Hans-Cuff. However, I did appreciate the fact that they were the same scale as Hot Wheels, so at least I could play with my GoBots with my other cars.

Well guess what – years later I found out that it was actually the other way around: GoBots came out first, and Transformers copied them! It makes me wonder why Transformers always seemed like the “main” cartoon to me (and apparently many others) – maybe they just had better marketing?

In an interesting twist of fate, Tonka (makers of GoBots) was actually acquired by Hasbro (makers of Transformers) in 1991, so now they’re all (technically) part of the same family anyway!


I love the “THEY’RE AWESOME!” in the middle of this ad. To me, it kind of feels like a temporary placeholder that they either forgot to replace, or they just couldn’t come up with anything better, so decided to leave it as is.

So I spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet to figure out who the GoBots (other than Leader-1) in this picture are – I was able to come up with two of them, but still have no idea who pink one is – any ideas, anyone?

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Genesis’ Big Brother – Video Gaming Milestone!

March 1988

Visionaries #3

I’m finally able to use my scanner again – yay!!! Oh, ’80s, how I’ve missed you! So to celebrate, here’s my favorite ad from my newly scanned comic – the Sega Master System! I wasn’t really aware of this system during its heyday, but am more familiar with it now, and it’s actually a pretty cool system! Back when the NES ruled home gaming, the Master System actually had more powerful hardware, but NES had Mario, so eventually the NES’ game library is what allowed the NES to triumph over the Master System… in America, anyway. It turns out that in Europe, it actually surpassed the NES by quite a bit! And in Brazil, it’s the best-selling game system of all time, with compatible systems still being produced!


One thing that I think is pretty cool about the Sega Master System is that games came in two formats: Mega Cartridges and Sega Cards. The cartridges are pretty standard, but the cards were the size of a credit card – they couldn’t hold nearly as much data as cartridges, but they were substantially cheaper, so you could build your game collection without breaking the bank!

However, the part about this system that I think is the most impressive is the 3D glasses (SegaScope – sold separately, of course). Considering that it was released in the mid-’80s, the 3D is pretty amazing! I know that the Vectrex also had 3D around this time, but other than that, the next one I can think of is the 3DS – a full 25 years later!

EDIT: While originally writing this, somehow the Virtual Boy completely slipped my mind (Sorry, Virtual Boy, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you!) – so that would make it more like 10 years until the next 3D gaming system. Were there any between the Master System and Virtual Boy that I’m forgetting about? If so, let me know in the comments!

Build Your Own GoBots!

March 1985

G.I. Joe #33

I used to have GoBots as a kid (in fact, I still have those GoBots!) – they were cool because they were the same size as Hot Wheels, so you could play with them with all your other cars!


So when I first saw this ad, I initially thought it was for the standard GoBots toys, but apparently this is for models of the toys… kind of odd, but OK. It looks like they actually do transform, so I’m guessing the main difference is that you put these together yourself? Or maybe they’re more detailed than the regular toys? Not really sure on that.