Gum! Buy It!

April 1980

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #7

More gum! Kids love gum, so let’s give ’em plenty of gum ads! Here we have Bubble Yum, which, compared to Hubba Bubba, is a pretty straightforward and stripped-down ad campaign.


New flavor! Plus all the old ones too! Bubbles! Buy it!

I think my favorite part of this as is “5 great flavors and SUGARLESS.” So… you’re saying that the sugarless tastes less than great, then?


Not Just Gum, Entertainment Too!

April 1980

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #7

So here we have “gumfighting do’s and don’ts” from Hubba Bubba, where they attempt to take bubble blowing, normally a mindless, idle activity, and turn it into something fun and exciting – competitive, even! I certainly give them credit for this novel approach!


They make a really big deal about how Hubba Bubba won’t stick to your face – I guess it never really occurred to me that something like that would be a big selling point, but given the choice, I supposed I’d go with the less messy gum too.