Clark (Kent?) Bars

January 1978

Secret Society of Super-Villains #12

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very familiar with Clark Bars. I might have seen them around when I was really little, but I don’t remember ever eating them, and I certainly haven’t seen any recently.


I’d just assumed that these went out of production years ago, which is why I was so surprised to find out that these are still in production today (and have been in continuous production since 1917)! Maybe it’s a regional thing? Or maybe they’re only available from places that sell specialty/retro candy?

Does anyone out there ever see any of these candy bars at your local grocery or convenience stores? I’m curious to know…


Hands of Steel for a Man of Steel?

January 1978

Secret Society of Super-Villains

This doesn’t seem to really involve overall strength – just the hands. I mean, sure, strong hands can be good for squeezing and crushing things, but I’d think that strong arms would be much more useful.


I’m actually surprised they didn’t try to go more into “Man of Steel” territory (maybe because of copyright infringement), but the closest they get is “You can develop the strength of a SUPER HERO!”

You’re a Wonder, Lynda Carter!

January 1978

Secret Society of Super-Villains #12

It’s the hottest stars of the late ’70s: Lynda Carter, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Starsky & Hutch, and Rocky!


I find it odd that for Starsky & Hutch and Rocky they use the character names, while Lynda Carter is just herself rather than Wonder Woman. And in a crossover note – did you know that Lynda Carter actually guest starred in Starsky & Hutch? Yep, it was a two-part episode in 1976! Unfortunately, she didn’t play Wonder Woman in it, though.

Satisfy Your Meat Tooth!

January 1978

Secret Society of Super-Villains #12

Now I get it! So, a while back I posted this ad for Slim Jims and was puzzled about the werewolf reference. After finding this ad, it all became clear: It must’ve been part of this ad campaign, with the advertisers assuming that you’d already seen this one, and would therefore associate Slim Jims with werewolves.


Have a happy Halloween, everyone! And if a werewolf comes after you, just toss him a Slim Jim!

Monkey Sea, Monkey Do! (Or Not…)

April 1980 (1978)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #7

You knew it had to happen sooner or later, so here they are – Sea-Monkeys! (As a professional grammar nerd, I just want to state that I have no idea why that’s hyphenated, but since that’s how it is in the ad, that’s what I’m going with.) If you asked any random smattering of people to name a product advertised in classic comics, Sea-Monkeys would undoubtedly be the #1 answer! (Hey, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Comic book-themed Family Feud! Or better yet, comic book AD-themed Family Feud! Quick, someone get Richard Dawson on the phone! Wait, he did? In 2012? Oh, nevermind, I guess…)

Just look at how happy and friendly they are! But wait a minute – “Caricatures shown not intended to represent Artemia”?? I wonder just how much disappointment had to happen before they finally added that disclaimer.


Even though this was published in 1980, you’ll notice that the copyright on this ad is from 1978 – I guess a classic never goes out of style!