Endorsed By King Kong And The Moon!

May 1986

Masters Of The Universe #1

I actually had to add a new category for this one – Health & Hygiene (“Hi, Gene!”) – since stuff like this isn’t advertised in comics that often.

I remember the toothpaste pump fad in the mid-’80s – they just seemed to come out of nowhere, and then all of the sudden, they were everywhere! I think the rationale was supposed to be that the toothpaste was easier to use (was it really that difficult in the first place?) and that there would be less waste (which was difficult to judge, since the toothpaste came in opaque, rigid tubes).

I thought that toothpaste pumps died out in the ’90s, but apparently they’re still around! Whaddaya know!

(Fun fact – While typing that last part, at first I accidentally typed “toothpaste pimps,” which gave me a really interesting and amusing visual! “Hey, man, you wanna go home with some sweet fluoride tonight? You can pump it all night long!”)


I think it’s funny that in this ad they don’t expound on the advantages of getting your toothpaste from a pump rather than a tube. The whole message of this ad can basically be summed up as: “Yay! It’s new!” While not exactly the worst I’ve seen, I think a little more product info could be a good thing.


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