Just Don’t Freeze the Pool!

August 1979

Shogun Warriors #7

Nope, it’s not a villain from Batman — it’s a brand of ice pops!


Yep, for only $2.99 with the purchase of a pack of Freeze Pops, you could get this pool float! I give them credit in their choice of promotional product — since the inflated sections of the float actually look like Freeze Pops, it’s a great promo!

I’d Buy That For 10¢!


Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

OK, this is the last of my classic Captain America ads from the exhibit in Seattle last year (and that exhibit is currently in Philadelphia – go check it out if you’re nearby!). Here we’ve got Cap and Bucky promoting the Sentinels of Liberty, Cap’s fan club.


You could get your very own Sentinels of Liberty badge for only 10¢! I just looked it up on eBay, and the only original badge I could find sold for $260 – so I guess these were a pretty great investment!

Gimme Some Gimmicks!

August 1979

Shogun Warriors #7

It’s the Fun Factory again! We’ve seen these guys before in 1978 and 1980, and they’re (mostly) still up to their same old tricks!


I would love to see statistics from this place – what were their biggest sellers, vs. what products were duds?

One thing that I find interesting is the fact that it says “OFFER VALID UNTIL AUGUST 1986” – that’s seven years from the time this was printed! Considering that a lot of these items went up in price by the very next year, it would be worth it to dig around for an older comic!

You’ll Pop Your Eye Out!

December 1983

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #3

Fun fact: Did you know that the original Donkey Kong was actually supposed to be a Popeye game? Yep! But Nintendo couldn’t get the rights to the characters in time, so they ended up changing Popeye, Brutus, and Olive Oyl to Mario (or “Jumpman”), Donkey Kong, and Pauline (or “Lady”)!



And another fun fact: In Japan there was actually a sequel to this game… that was made to help teach kids English. I don’t know about you, but when I think about proper use of the English language, Popeye isn’t exactly in my list of good examples!