How Dare Life Get in the Way of Comics?!

Sorry, loyal readers, but life is kind of crazy at the moment, and I don’t really have time to devote to Comic Book Ads for the time being. I’m hoping that things will get back to normal by mid-February (but hopefully even sooner)!

If you need your vintage comic ads fix, I recommend Comic Book+ – they’ve got tons of vintage public domain comics that you can read for free, and they include the ads! Fun stuff!



Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

Sorry, but it’s been a crazy week, and I haven’t had time to put together a real post. So here’s another PSA from Cap that I saw at the Marvel exhibit at MoPOP in Seattle last year.


Because I’m a nerd for grammar, punctuation, and all that good stuff, I find it kind of funny that there’s no comma in Cap’s statement – whereas “Wake up, Americans!” would be a call for Americans to wake up, “Wake up Americans!” is a call for people to wake up American citizens. Don’t you value a good night’s sleep, Cap?

GRIT and Bear It!

December 1983

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #3

So this is our fourth installment of GRIT, with the previous ones being from 1963, 1972, and 1980. This one is actually pretty stripped down compared to the others, without very much text at all, and this is the first ad of theirs I’ve seen where they’ve used a cartoony character rather than a photo or realistic drawing.


Also significant on this ad’s order form – “Signature of Parent or Guardian” – this is the first time the kids are supposed to actually get their parents’ permission to sell GRIT!