More Exciting than the Super Market

March 1985

G.I. Joe #33

Marvel Super Mart – a collection of independent retailers where you can get all your Marvel favorites! …If you happen to be in one of six select states or one province.


Considering that you couldn’t exactly go online and order back issues at the time, I wonder just how helpful this would’ve been to collectors. Did any of you respond to ads like these back in the day?

Back When People Actually REPAIRED Stuff

September 1963

X-Men #1

Wait a minute – what’s this about repairing broken TVs and radios? You don’t repair broken electronics, you just buy new ones!


Times have certainly changed! I wonder how many people are out there these days who could actually repair a TV – probably not a whole lot anymore!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yes, it has been one year since I first started this blog! Thank you to all three of you who actually read it! In the past year I’ve published 64 posts, and a whole lot of cheesy old comic book ads. What have been some of your favorites?

Anyway, I hope that this year will bring even more posts, more visitors, and most of all, more awesome, nostalgic ads!

No Match for These Cars!

February 1976

Claw The Unconquered #5

It doesn’t get much more classic than toy cars, and Matchbox cars are some of the most classic ones out there!


These remind me of the ones I had as a kid (which are currently packed in the garage, for lack of a good place to display them). This ad kind of makes me want to get them out and play with them again!

Spider-Man vs. Molestation?

March 1985

G.I. Joe #33

I’ve seen Spider-Man fight a lot of evil over the years, but this is the first time I’ve seen him target sexual abuse (and just for the record, I’ve never actually read any Power Pack comics, but I imagine this would be a bit out of the norm for them too).


I was actually pretty surprised by the forwardness of this ad, especially for something aimed at kids, but it certainly gets the point across!

I love that you can order a special Marvel comic about sexual abuse prevention – I sure hope that turns up in a bargain bin I’m browsing through someday!

UPDATE: I actually did find the comic in a bargain bin! Check out the CBA IRL post here!

This same ad was also found in Masters Of The Universe #1, May 1986. 


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