King-Size Latex Toys! ;)

September 1963

X-Men #1

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “king-size latex toys,” the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly “good clean fun for every youngster!” I guess 1963 was just a simpler, more innocent time.


These toys remind me a lot of Flipit from 1980 – you throw them, and then they land on their feet! Can you even imagine how exciting that must be?! Because I can, and it doesn’t really seem like something that would be terribly entertaining.


(And just for the record – no, I do not own an original copy of X-Men #1, but I do own a 1993 reprint that includes all the original ads.)


December 1972

Jungle Action #2

GRIT has longtime been a standard in comics. We’ve already seen an example from 1980, but here’s one from eight years earlier.


In the ad from 1980, it seems like they’re begrudgingly accepting of girls (“I guess we’ll let them sell papers too if we have to…”), but here they’re 100% clear that this is a boys’ club! They make reference to the sellers’ maleness eight times! I guess girls just had to miss out on that 7¢ profit.


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Hungry Like The Operation Wolf

December 1989

Wonder Woman #37

It’s the world’s #1 arcade game! And now you can play it at home! It’s… Operation Wolf!


Yep, “take no prisoners” and “teach the terrorists what terror is all about” in this action-packed game!

But personally, I’m much more interested in Bubble Bobble. 😉