Supplying the Never-Ending Need for Greeting Cards

December 1972

Jungle Action #2

Here’s yet another ad trying to tempt kids with fantastic prizes in exchange for hocking stuff to their friends and family.


The thing that strikes me the most about this is the over-contoured faces of the kids – really, artist, I think you’ve got plenty of detail there!

Record Your Voice at Home!

September 1963

X-Men #1

When it comes to technology, we’re pretty spoiled these days – everyone has phones that can perform a million and one functions that in previous decades, would’ve required many various pieces of expensive equipment. That’s why I think you really have to put yourself in a 1960s’ mindset to really appreciate just how cool this really is.


Record your voice at home! You can make your own records! With anything you want on them!! This was well before cassettes, and while reel-to-reels existed at this time, they weren’t nearly as commonplace as records were, and most families wouldn’t have had any practical means of audio recording.

Of course, I have no idea what the quality was like for this – for all I know, it could’ve been terrible! But I still think this is an exceptionally cool idea, and I’m sure quite a few people got pretty excited about this back in the day!

Can it Really Be Considered a Prize if You’re Earning It?

April 1980

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #7

Ah, to be young – so much stuff you want, but so few options for getting the money for that stuff. Well, Olympic Sales Club is here to help! Just look at all the fabulous prizes you could earn by selling cards and gifts!


So pretty much everything on here is stuff that would appeal to kids/teenagers… except possibly the crock-pot. I mean, really, what kid would choose a crock-pot over toys or video games??

And just for the record, I had a Coleco Telstar as a kid (and still have it, in fact!) – I think getting it for a few bucks at a rummage sale is a much better deal than having to sell 19 boxes of greeting cards!