Score a Hit with Hostess!

August 1979

Shogun Warriors #7

Well, this ad isn’t nearly as entertaining as Captain America & Nick Fury or The Penguin extolling the excellence of Hostess products, but that doesn’t make the snacks any less tasty!


Since I know pretty much nothing about sports, I wasn’t familiar with these, but apparently they were a pretty big deal back in the day! Some avid collectors would check back at the store whenever Hostess snacks were restocked, and go through all the boxes to find the ones they needed – good thing the cards were printed on the outside of the boxes, so you could see what you were getting!


May 1986

Masters Of The Universe #1

Like so many other things from the ’80s, I remember Madballs being around, but didn’t have any or really pay that much attention to them. Upon looking up some info on them, I was kind of surprised to learn that they actually each had names. Fun fact: The guy with the exposed brain was originally named Crack Head… but they later changed it to Bash Brain – I can’t imagine why! ;D  I’m not sure at what point they changed his name, but if they produced any toys in packaging labeled “Crack Head,” I’m sure those would be worth quite a bit now!


Surprisingly, Madballs are still around! Or, more accurately, they’re around again. In 2006 American Greetings teamed up with Art Asylum and began producing the toys (as well as other Madballs-themed products) again under the Just Play brand. And there’s even a new Madballs YouTube channel! I guess all things old are new again…


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Supplying the Never-Ending Need for Greeting Cards

December 1972

Jungle Action #2

Here’s yet another ad trying to tempt kids with fantastic prizes in exchange for hocking stuff to their friends and family.


The thing that strikes me the most about this is the over-contoured faces of the kids – really, artist, I think you’ve got plenty of detail there!